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This website showcases the work and writings of Dr. Brij Mohan, Dean Emeritus of the School of Social Work at Louisiana State University. Dr. Mohan is often termed a “social work philosopher”, and lauded as “a journeyman, a philosopher, and a prolific and profound force in the coial work world whose work literally bridges the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries”. (Dr. Priscilla D. Allen, School of Social Work, LSU)

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Death of an Elephant is an allegory of existence. Pran Dubey, a professor failed by avowed social institutions, is a conflicted man torn apart by his strife and Diaspora neurosis in the ambiguities of past and present, tradition and modernity, and life and death.
The author explores a nexus of varied abstract issues and protean realities that relates to social justice. It's counter-factual to think of a world without a social problem. The author -- based on his half-a-century of experience, deep insight, and vast knowledge -- thinks otherwise.
“Mohan is to be commended for his clear focus on climate, economy, and justice, as well as his proposal for unifying social welfare, social policy, and social work education.” -- Susan P. Robbins, Professor, University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work
Brij Mohan is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Comparative Social Welfare, now published as the Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy.

Vol. 26, Issues 2-3 contained special essays in honor of Dr. Mohan.
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